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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 27, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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intense pressure from the obama administration. toyota's recall deals a blow to the automaker's reputation for quality. the company halted sales of some of its top-selling models to fix gas pedals that could stick and cause unintended acceleration. >> the models involved are the rav-4, corolla, matrix, avalon, highlander, tundra and the sequoia. our coverage begins with michelle franzen. >> reporter: toyota's decision to suspend sales and close assembly lines for its new cars and trucks is both volunteer and sweeping. eight models including the best-selling car in the country, the toyota camry, are off the market until the company can fix what it calls faulty gas pedals that could stick and accelerate. >> it just didn't make sense for us to continue to build vehicles in question until we had a remedy. >> reporter: the new cars and
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trucks account for 65 bers % of inventory. they are 2009 to 2010, rav-4s, corollas and matrix models. 2005 to 2010 avalons, certain models of camrys, highlanders, 2007 to 2010 tundras and 2008 to 2010 sequoias. the move follows the company's recall of more than 2 million cars and trucks as a safety precaution. >> i think it's absolutely the right thing for toyota to do. >> reporter: for months there have been reports of accidents and complaints about toyotas accelerating out of control. in december, four people died in dallas when their avalon crashed through a fence and into a pond. but toyota's troubles could grow beyond the complaints. >> it is not just those that have experienced the problem. it's those that -- that have not experienced the problem but are fearful of it. >> reporter: in houston, ysbel cantu returns her toyota camry
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days after buying it. >> i don't want to be in a vehicle that's not safe. >> reporter: the number-one carmaker in the u.s. now in the hot seat to ease concerns of owners, buyers and dealers. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. with no one knowing how long the suspension of car sales will last, the uncertainty is a big threat to the company. toyota stock is down while ford stock is up. some local toyota dealers are fielding cal and they're answering questions about the safety concerns and what they should do if they own one of those vehicle. >> if a customer is experiencing a sticky gas pedal, place the vehicle in neutral, apply both feet on the brakes. don't pump the brakes. just apply your feet on the brakes firmly. turn the vehicle off. turn the vehicle off, which is going to stop the fuel to the injectors. then that will slow the vehicle down. they'll be able to pull off to the side of the road.
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>> customers we spoke with said their dealing told them to have their vehicle checked. we've posted a list of these recalled toyota models on our website, the key word "toyota." a developing story now. washington wizards guard gilbert arenas will not be playing again this season. the "washington post" reports nba commissioner david stern has suspended arenas for the rest of the year. the two met today almost two weeks after the wizards star pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge. according to the report, arenas is the one who suggested he shouldn't be allowed to play again this year. there's no word yet on whether the wizards will try to void the restf his $111 million contract. arenas will be sentenced march 26th. today, investigators with the ntsb are gathering, listening to records and tapes as they investigate the deaths of two metro workers. the two technicians were killed when a truck modified to operate
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on the rails backed into them yesterday morning in rockville. the workers, jeff garrard and sung oh, hur were installing equipment on the track. investigators are looking into whether metro notified everyone about the crews working on the tracks. they'll also see if the truck sounded its warni horn and if any of the two men were acting as a lookout as is required. metro is dealing with a budget crisis. they're trying to close a $40 million budget gap. proposals include raising fares by 10 cents, increasing the wait time between trains, restructural brestructur restructuring bus routes. tonight, it will be another history-making moment for president barack obama. he's set to deliver his first state of the union address at 9:00 eastern time. technically, of course, he's
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addressing a joint session of congress on the state of the union. just a few hours from now, members of both chambers and every cabinet member will take their seats on capitol hill. aides say the speech will be mostly devoted to the economic crisis that has cost the president and his party public support. steve handelsman is live on the hill now with more on this story. steve? >> hi, pat. good afternoon. publicans, a lot of democrats up here on capitol hill, feel this is a critical, crucial crisis speech for barack obama, that he's lost the public trust. the pressure is on the president. he's failed to get unemployment under 10% and most of his speech will focus on the economy. but barack obama will insist health care reform will help the middle class fight the recession. >> they're bringing home less money. part of the fact that they're bringing home less is because their health care continues to go u >> reporter: still pushing that, even though democrats lost the senate seat they might need to win. >> we will make every effort to
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have health care. but we will make progress. whatever it is, one way or another, we will go forward with that. >> reporter: but in the nbc poll by 3-1, americans said president obama is giving too much attention to health care. by 10-1, they said he's giving too little attention to the economy. >> we've got 10% unemployment, the economy is very fragile, and he's fougnot in a position to stimulate it because he's lost his political juice. >> reporter: the president's approval bumped up to 50% in the nbc poll, just 32% were positive about republicans who advised mr. obama today. >> the president has to prove to the american people that he's listening to what they're saying. >> reporter: even in partisan washington, everyone agrees on that. as he gets set to deliver his first state of the union speech. >> it's a good one. >> reporter: the world will be watching.
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aides say president obama this afternoon is practicing parts of the speech but won't do a full run-through. he just doesn't like to do that. they say he will probably keep tweaking the text as he heads up here to address congress and the nation. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. virginia governor bob mcdonald is going to be delivering the republican response from the state capitol. mcdonald is following in his predecessor's steps. tim kaine delivered the democratic response to president george w. bush's state of the unn speech in january of '06. kaine had just taken office. security is going to be tight. there will be street closures around the capitol tonight. they include pts of constitution and independence avenues, east capitol street and north cap. and, of course, president obama's first state of the union address begins tonight at 9:00 here on nbc4 and then at 11:00 we'll have continuing coverage
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of that hits toric event. new at 4:00, police suspect a flasher has struck again in arlington. the latest case happened on a trail last sunday near the 1700 block of brizbelt state in arlingt arlington. a man wearing a ski mask exposed himself, then rode off on a bike. police believe it could be the same man accused in five other flashing incidents that have taken place on the washington and old demominion trail since january. martin o'malley wants to crack down on convicted sex offenders. the governor is supporting a bill that would require serious sex offenders to be monitored for life. he also wants people convicted of possessing child porn to register as sex offenders. this comes after the murder of 11-year-old sarah foxwell last month. the suspect in her killing is a registered sex offender. well, we had a lovely day today. a little cool but lots of sunshine. but, oh, what's coming our way,
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veronica? >> that's not for days, wendy. what's going to be coming our way, a littl bit of snow at the end of the week, first part of the weekend. as far as this evening goes, our temperatures are in the 40s right now. you saw the city cam there. we have high clouds across the area. a little bit of sunshine earlier. we're at 44 degrees right now. 46 degrees in culpepper. and today we've had this west-to-southwesterly wind come through the area. so seasonable conditions for today. it's going to be just a little milder come tomorrow as we continue with this mild push across the area. now, that storm system that you spoke of, it's just getting its act together in the southwest. this will be a disruptive storm for a large part of the country. central plains and then off to the east. we are looking at the details of this storm. we'll talk about it more later. definitely not snow here but ice coming to parts of the plns. by tomorrow morning, we'll be in the 30s.
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so we'll talk more about that storm system for saturday. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. crews have cleaned up after a messy water main break in the chevy chase section of maryland today. the main broke early this morning at connecticut avenue and bradley lane. the roadway was cleared up a short time later. it seems like as soon as someone says the emphasis in haiti shifted from rescue to recovery, yet another person is pulled out of the rubble alive. another victim rescued last night two weeks after living in the dark and the dust. michelle kosinski reports from port-au-prince. >> reporter: just when it seemed there would be no more rescues in this cracked shell of a city, the u.s. army's 82nd airborne found a man alive. a broken leg, dehydrated, but out of the rubble on miracle street. the army had just begun a new mission, clearing disaster away with countless dead still inside. >> it's daunting, but it's got
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to start somewhere. over time, it's going to get better. >> reporter: on the streets, survivors jostle for the basics of life. while many, hundreds of thousands, leave, crowding other towns in haiti. where this family now houses 17. the wide, green countryside is where this 17-year-old andis family will now stay. [ speaking foreign language ] never, he says, will he go back to the capital. that's a new problem now. with most of the resources either in or going to the capital, these outlying areas need food and ceshelter and mor medical care. michelle kosinski, port-au-prince. >> united nations forces boosted security at food distribution
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centers in haiti. there are a lot of ways you can help the people there. go to and you'll find a list o legitimate organizations collecting nations for haiti. search "help" once you get to the site. there's also a link in the middle of the home page. people around the world are commemorating holocaust memorial days. this is the 65th anniversary from when the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. leaders in poland will gather. and pope benedict is honoring holocaust survives by urging people to listen to their stories and pray for them. "news4 at 4" is just getting started. coming up, federal investigation. >> next at 4:15, the new details about the arrest of three men accused of tampering with telephone lines in the office of a u.s. senator. then at 4:30, the new evidence police have released that leads them to believe that remains found are those of a missing virginia tech student.
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and the simple steps
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the conservative activist who posed as a pimp last year is now under arrest. he and three others are accused of trying to bug phones at the office of a u.s. senator. nbc's pete williams is working the story. pete, this is a really bizarre story. >> it's very strange. it sounds like something out of a movie or a prank video which could be what this was all about. it has triggered a serious
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deral charge and questions about what exactly these four young men were up to in new orleans. >> we talked about the abusive pimp. >> reporter: at the center of it all, james o'keeffe, the 25-year-old who got the liberal community organizing group a.c.o.r.n. into hot water with this video. now prosecutors accuse him and three other men with tampering with telephone lines in the office of mary landrieu, a louisiana democrat. the fbi says it happened monday when two of the men went to the new orleans federal building dressed as phone repairmen. court documents say they went to senator landrieu's office, asked to use the receptionist's telephone and manipulated the handset. all the while, james o'keeffe was recording the encounter with a cell phone camera. the three were arrested. a fourth man was picked up outside waiting in a truck. >> we've been threatened with lawsuits. >> reporter: o'keeffe became a
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media sensation last year after he posed as a pimp in videos askingask ing a.c.o.r.n. employees for advice. >> they're making money and they're under age. nobody needs to know anyway. >> reporter: because a.c.o.r.n. helped register thousands of low-income voters, republicans pounced. o'keeffe became a conservative hero, and congress recommended banning all federal funds for a.c.o.r.n. >> i consider myself a progressive radical. >> reporter: in an nbc news interview last fall, o'keeffe said he planned to continue making undercover videos. >> want to do more of these and expose more corruption. and do more investigating. absolutely. >> reporter: also arrested with o'keeffe on monday was a louisiana federal prosecutor's son, robert flanagan, a former congressional intern who criticized senator landrieu earlier this month on a libertarian blog. a lawyer for one of the men is calling this just a bad stunt. but there's been no definitive word on what these young men all
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in their mid-20s were up to. senator landrieu herself calls it unsettling and she's as interested in anyone else in finding out what their motives were. >> pete williams, thanks. prosecutors expect to file a new indictment against rod blagojevich by the end of the week. but next week rather. but there won't be any new charges. the allegations are expected to be the same. blagojevich is accused of trying to sell president obama's senate seat. the supreme court is reviewing one of the laws blagojevich is accused of breaking and prosecutors want to be ready if the justices throw that law out. blagojevich has denied any wrongdoing. the taxpayer-funded bailout of aig was at the center of heated debate on capitol hill today. this time it was timothy geithner catching most of that heat. he was defending the use of taxpayer money to bail out aig.
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geithner was accused of looking out for wall street and not taxpayers. >> again, i think you're putting the blame and i think you're trying to position yourse as the -- >> you don't know me very well. i take full responsibility and i take great pride in those judgments. the steps that were taken were motivated solely by what we believe to be in the public interest. >> geithner said part of the reason for the bailout, companies like aig do not have the same bankruptcy protections as banks. he wants to change tha as part of president obama's financial reform. there have been a significant drop-off in sales of new homes. according to theommerce department, sales fell 7.6% in december when compared to november sales. those are the weakest results since last march. 2009 was the worst year on record for new home sales. those records date back to 1963. still ahead on "news4 at 4," down and dirty. >> a new survey on the nation'
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dirtiest hotels is out. it turns out one is here in our region. it tops the list. plus, the woman who stood by her husband through allegations of drugs, sex and male prostitution is now talking about it. and it's the image that is captivating the nation and everyone wants to know about the bright lights that lit up the sky over canada.
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all right. we have a developing story now. news4 has confirmed that wizards guard gilbert arenas has been suspended for the remainder of the season as expected and javaris crittenton will be suspended for the year. dan and lindsay will have more of that coming up te meanwhile, we had a lovely day. we kept expecting it to get really cold but it didn't. >> it was nice and sunny. >> yeah, it wasn't too bad. but that cold air, windy, that's what's coming our way for the second half of the weekend. you know, we are talking about the possibility of snow. >> i heard that. >> exactly. we're going to have a whole dry day to get through tomorrow. most of friday won't be too bad. a mixture of clouds and sunshine right now at reagan national airport. the temperature is 45 degrees. with the average being now 43
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for this time of year. winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. on this date last year, we had two inches of snow and sleet come through the area. let's take a look now and see what's happening in your neighborhood. hollywood, maryland, the temperature is at 43 degrees right now. that's also the high temperature for the day. meanwhile, 44 degrees in loudoun county. leesburg, 44 degrees. not too bad there either with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. we'll pick up more cloud cover tomorrow because tomorrow there will be a weather front moving through here. it's not going to provide us with any rain but it will provide us with clouds late in the day. already another system coming through california. areas of the southwest is under way. that's going to be the next big storm to bring snow and ice through the country. a lot of cold air, too. even as that storm system for us heads to the east, even though we might not get a lot of snow out of it, we'll be seeing extremely cold air moving in. five degrees right now in bismarck. more arctic air coming in.
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winter storm warnings in oklahoma, off toward st. louis and kansas city. snow to the north. a major icy event that could be taking place thursday into friday. here's the next 48 hours, what you can expect. there's the weather front coming through. it's party sunny tomorrow. i think even friday we'll be partly sunny to mostly cloudy. this is 8:00 p.m. the first flakes down around areas of southern west virginia. so not much happening until saturday. mostly clear evening with temperatures from the upper 30s to the mid-30s. tomorrow we start chilly, clear conditions, sunshine through the area. again, cold. a few degrees lower than how we started today. 50 is the high tomorrow. a push of mild air. then friday with a high temperate right around the freezing mark. and well below that for saturday with a little bit of accumulating snow coming through saturday. sunday we're back to sunshine. so this will not be a system that will stick around for all of the weekend. just kind of hit and miss, in and out of here with light
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accumulation right now. a woman who had her nearly unborn baby -- who nearly had her unborn baby cut out of her womb is meeting the paramedics credited with saving her life. it's an incredible story. it really takes my breath away when i hear the details. that's one of the stories we're following on "news4 at 5." it's an awful story. >> it's an amazing story. last month, tika adams was lured to an apartment where a woman beat her, tied her up and tried to cut her unborn baby from her body. she managed to get away. it's an incredible story of survival. it's an incredible save by prince georges county medics. recently they all got together in a tearful reunion. we were there. we're going to have it for you at 5:00. >>collins, thank you, pat. there's much more ahead on "news4 at 4." new details about those remains found in virginia. police now say they are that of
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a missing virginia tech student. he shoots, he scores. all while blindfold. but there's more to this prank that's got this video all abuzz. and apple makes the big announcement. what the new ipad can do. one night i said to my husband, come on, we're going to a steakhouse yes, i wear dentures super poligrip seals the denture to your gum and it prevents food from penetrating it was very very comfortable fitting (charlie dullea) super poligr helps
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keep out food particles. just a few dabs create a seal that helps keep food particles from getting between dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. super poligrip lets me be me we've been going to steakhouses ever since (charlie dullea) try super poligrip
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welcome back to "news4 at 4." i'm pat lawson muse.
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>> i'm wendy rieger. some of the stories we're following in the news right now, national transportation safely board inspectors are trying to figure out -- investigate the deaths of two metro workers on the redline near rockville yesterday. the two technicians were killed when a truck that was modified to operate on those rails backed into them as they worked on the tracks. arlington police are on alert after another woman was flashed on a bike trail this weekend. they think the same man is responsible in severalther indecent exposure cases on the washington and old dominion trail. martin o'malley wants to toughen the laws that regulate sex offenders his state. he's supporting a bill that would require sex offenders to be monitored for life. this comes after the murder of 11-year-old sarah foxwell last month. the suspect in her killing is a registered sex offender. our top story this half hour, a tragic end to the three-month search for a missing virginia tech student.
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police confirm that the remains found a remote farm field yesterday are those of morgan harrington. >> the roanoke woman disappeared in october after she attended a rock concert in charlottesville. here parents held a news conference this afternoon and they say the discovery brings them some closure. >> she was a long time in that field. i am happy that she was not alive long enduring unspeakable things. >> reporter: a farmer tending to his field spotted the remaining tuesday morning in a remote part of his property, initially thinking they belonged to an animal. >> i saw what i thought was a dead deer. i got closer and it didn't look like a deer skull. >> reporter: police concludes the remains of those of 20-year-old morgan harrington. >> this has been a missing persons case. we have always treated this as potentially a homicide. the cause of death will be
4:32 pm
determined, hopefully, by the medical examiner. we still proceed as if this is a homicide and most likely will be a homicide. >> reporter: harrington called friends inside the arena saying she'd wound up outside without her ticket stub after going to the bathroom and wasn't let back in. she said she'd get a ride home, told the not to worry, but was never seen again. >> you know, this is not what we had hoped would be the end for morgan. we were hoping we would find morgan alive. but at least we now have some peace and we're able to have some closure tay. >> reporter: harrington's parents, who made emotional pleas for her safe return, rushed to the area. her mother's recollection of their last conversation all the more somber. >> as she left, morgan's last words to me were 241, mama. i love you too much forever one more time. >> that was ron mott reporting. the farm is about ten miles from
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the concert venue. the brother of olympic skater nancy kerrigan is undergoing a psychological evaluation after being charged with assaulting his 70-year-old father who later died. officials sun fi s confirmed th kerrigan is undergoing comp tense evaluati compitancy evaluation. the two were in an argument and the elder kerrigan apparently fell to the ground in the middle of the argument. family members say he suffered a heart attack. jaycee lee dugard's daughters are now listed in the california state records. in december, a judge ordered birth certificates for both girls. phillip garrido is listed as the girls' father. both girls last names are listed as dugard on the document. prosecution is expected to use the birth records to establish a
4:34 pm
timeline against phillip garrido. he lost his church and his way of life but not his wife. now more than three years after admitting to a sex scandal, the wife of ted haggard is revealing why she stood by him. haggard was the pastor of a 14,000-member church until allegations of drugs and sex with a male prostitute threw him out of his pulpit. now gale haggard is discussing the scandal. she was on the "today" show this morning to talk about it. >> i sat down with ted. he looked at me and he said, gale, i have to tell you some of the allegations are true. and that just -- that was such a shock and heartbreak. >> she says ted haggard has gone through counseling and therapy in the years since the sex scandal broke. a basketball prank backfired at a high school in kansas. students blindfolded the coach of the girls' basketball team during a pep rally, told him if he hit a shot from half court
4:35 pm
he'd win tickets to the final four. he said game on. the problem, no one expected him to make the shot so they didn't really have the tickets. he made it. this morning on "today," he appeared with one of the kid whose planned the prank. the coach said he knew something was up, but he was wrong about what it was. >> i thought they'd hit me in the face with pie or something. so when i actually shot it, i was just going with the plan and, again, just generating school spirit and having fun with it. i didn't know for every a minute longer. it was crazy. >> when the students realized what they owed the coach, some ncaa tickets, they got him a gift certificate to a mexican restaurant. i don't think so! that didn't seem like enough. so the community got together to raise the money to send the coach to the final four. basketball or tacos, i don't know. i don't think that's a fair trade-off. just ahead on "news4 at 4," close encounter.
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>> you be the judge after seeing this video caught over the skies of canada. what is it. and what can be done to prevent memory loss. and how can you -- we'll tell you about this little cat that you can adopt and why this cat is so lucky to be alive.
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there's this little cat in northern virginia with the same second chance. he survived a near fatal attack. now he's thriving. the only problem, he need as home. this little guy was found nearly beaten to death. she was in such bad shape, the woman who found him took him to a vet so he could be compassionately put to sleep. but the vet thought the cat had enough spunk to pull through. it took several operations, ten of them, including one that took off part of his jaw, but the cat survived. he was given the name second chance. he's now with a foster home through the king street cats animal shelter. the shelter is looking for a special home to take him home. >> he is a beautiful cat. he has two different colored eyes. heeds ' he's, of course, a little scared. he's had a very traumatic time.
4:40 pm
but he's really coming along well. he just needs a little special care. >> he's also a little messy when he eats because of his jaw issues, but he gets around remarkably well and is very affectionate. to give second chance a second chance, contact the king street cat shelter. you'll find them at we also have them an our website. i be i went and shot that video today. my camera scared him, but when we let him out of the room, he took off and ran down the stairs to go out into the sun room. he was fabulous. >> doing amazingly well. he's there no trouble being adopted. >> no. veronica, what about us? any trouble with the weather? >> not this evening we're not. sunday, monday, another dry day for us. we're still experiencing some river crests north. look at these images sent in from lloyd holt. flooding at whites ferry, which
4:41 pm
was closed. i do believe they may be open right now. around harpers ferry area, upn that location, 16 feet. below flood stage, which is at 18 feet. point of rocks is at 17 1/2 feet. and flood stage is at 16. so they're still running above flood stage but receding. so dng a little better. 30 to 29 degrees by tomorrow morning. we're going to have partly cloudy skies during the overnight period. we'll see the wind pick up tomorrow. should see a high temperature tomorrow of 50 degrees. a mild push of air before we start ally getting cold again. and so real cold temperatures by the early part of next week. wendy, pat? >> all right. when we come back on "news4 at 4," if you're looking to save money on your cell phone bill, we'll have ideas for you. we've got simple advice to save hundreds of dollars a year. plus, a new study is out about running shoes and how shoes may not be the best for your feet. and the 2010 winter olympic
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games promise fun and excitement and organizers ensure the event will be good to the environment as well. and don't forgetbout how you can help donate to the victims of the earthquake in haiti. go to you'll find a list of legitimate organizations collecting donations there on our site.
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do you really need insurance for your cell phone sflirts o?
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it's one of the things to consider if you're looking to save money. anna garcia has a few other cost-cutting ideas. >> reporter: the days cell phones practically do it all. they have cameras, negativeigation systems, games and e-mail. the new iphone even streams video live to the internet. do you really need all this stuff? tip number one, if you don't use it, lose it. really want to cut down on that bill? move to a prepaid plan. that will put the spending on hold. >> prepaid plans are very good for light users. >> reporter: tip number two, get rid of your phone insurance if your phone is more than three to six months old, especially if it's a cheap model under 50 bucks. you don't want to pay more for insurance than the phone is worth. so consider getting insurance for the first few months you have your phone when it's at its premium. then cancel it. you could save yourself five to seven bucks a month. tip number three, beware of the family plan.
4:46 pm
several phones, one bill, one pool of minutes. >> minutes are shared. so it's a lot of people that are working toward that limit and you might reach that limit sooner than you want. >> reporter: and there are hidden termination fees with a family plan you probably never expected. >> they could get hit with a $200 termination fee for eh phone. meaning $600, $800. >> reporter: tip number four, compare your calling plan online. there are several free websites that allow you to upload your cell phone bill. sites like will compare your usage and needs line by line to see if there's another plan or carrier that can save you money. and if you like the service you have, you can always call your company's customer loyalty department and ask for a reduction. >> that was anna garcia reporting. another way to cut your bill, avoid calling 411 for telephone listings. at 50 cents to $1.50 a pop, that can add up. expes say use a web-based
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directory instead. if you're one of those people who have an awful memory, give your brain a break. researchers at new york university studied the brains of adult whose had been shown a series of images. all the participants took a rest period after that study and they were told to think about whatever they wanted. during the period of time the brain's memory center become activated. participants with the most brain activity had stronger memories. and your body actually responds better when you run barefoot than when you put your shoes on. researchers compared running habits of people who always run barefoot versus people who ran with shoes and then switched to shoeless jogs. th runners who used shoes landed on their heels first, called heel-strikers. this force can exert two to three times the runner's body weight on the heels. barefoot runners had a light, springy step. >> it depends on the surface
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you're running on, too. >> yeah. >> run around a track maybe. well, ahead on "news4 at 4," apple's big announcement. >> it's the ipad. plus, it's been less than a week since conan o'brien left the "tonight show" and he's already getting offers for new gigs.
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travel website has released the list of dirtiest hotels across the country. topping the list for d.c.'s dirtiest is the quality inn in northeast. but virginia takes the third and fourth spots on the list of dirtiest hotels in the country. the tropicana resort hotel and the super 8 at the ocean are both in virginia beach. and the number one dirtiest hotel in the country is the heritage marina hotel in san francisco, california. >> all right. veronica, how is it going to look? >> out here right now, not bad
4:52 pm
at all. there's a light breeze. with the few clouds that we have in the sky right now, check out our waxing moon getting close to being full. that should be up for most of the overnight period. temperatures right now across the area, let's look at them. we are in the low 40s across the area. we'll drop down to the 30s and below freezing by tomorrow. the kids, bundle up at the bus stop tomorrow. as far as the day goes, we go from 25 to 30 degrees to 50 for a high tomorrow. a push of nice, mild temperatures across the area. then there's that thursday to friday storm system that will be organizing across the south. there will be anything from snow from colorado to kentucky and southern areas of west virginia by late friday and ice from text to tennessee. so 50 is the high for tomorrow. then 33, the high for friday. some light accumulation with snowfall expected for saturday and sunshine for sunday. another 50/50 weekend. >> thanks, veronica.
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some of the hot topics on the web toda the latest tech gadget from apple came out today. the apple itablet looks like a big iphone and is smallinger tha laptop. you can surf the web, listen to
4:56 pm
music, read online newspapers and magazines. conan's last day on the "tonight show" was last friday and he already has a new job offer. an internet company is offering conan a job and says it would be a great way for conan to be seen worldwide. he a mystery over newfoundland. residents got this picture of something. looks like a rocket. seems to rise from the water. it had a smoke trail. then there were three of them. the royal canadian mounted police are investigating. the olympic games in vancouver begin next month. they won't just be competitive. officials say they've worked hard to make these games the greenest games in history. >> reporter: it is one of the first thaings you notice in vancouver. people are outside, active, doing things. it is one of the loveliest places in the world, and those
4:57 pm
who live here seem determined to spend as much time as possible in view of it. they are fanatical in their efforts in being as green as the landscape around them. >> we're right in the middle of an virlenvironment. just look around. this is the home of greenpeace. it all started here. and it's carried on. people want to go green in the city as much as possible. >> reporter: in case you forget, one of the official olympic colors of the vancouver games is, well, green. one of the perks of hosting the games is you get to manage the message to the rest of the world. you put the stamp on this gathering of nations. >> yeah, an opportunity for us to tell our story about the places in which we live and about the place that we love. this high place, this wonderful place. it'soing to be a once in a lifetime student for us to get our message out to the world. >> reporter: and a big part of that message will be the idea of sustainability. in your personal life, in government policy and in the games themselves.
4:58 pm
when it comes to being green, engineers have tried to think of everything. for instance, the roof on the ice oval here behind me was designed so that it captures all of the rain water that falls on top of it and that, in turn, flushes the toilets inside. critics remain. some environmentalists argue that there's no thing as environmentally friendly construction on the scale of something as big of the olympics. some some goals have not been met. early on the dream was to create a hydrogen highway with olympic public transportation being run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells, but the technology just isn't there yet. but they are setting the template for the games of the future. >> and that's "news4 at 4." "news4 at 5" starts right now. breaking news. the nba has made a decision abt the two wizards players
4:59 pm
charged in an a gun chase. gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton have been suspended for the year. good evening. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm wendy rieger. gilbert arenas learned his punishment from david stern this afternoon. today, tmz obtained arenas' mug shot after he pleaded guilty to that felony gun charge. in march, he'll be sentenced. today he learned his nba punishment and so did javaris crittenton. >> it was interesting because gilbert went into the nba offices of commissioner david stern and said he deserved to be and expected to be suspended for the rest of the season and that's exactly what happened. arenas and javaris crittenton, who were involved in a locker room gun incident, have been suspended for the rest of the season. arenas will ask the players union not to fith tght the suspension. arenas


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